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MeDungeon Welcomes You

Welcome to our game studio web site. We are small, family based company from Finland and we are thrilled you’ve come to visit our showcase of work that we’ve created over the years, which includes games for Windows, XBox One, iPhone and covering Virtual Reality now. Take a look and feel free to subscribe to our news or get in touch if you’d like to discuss potential opportunities to work together.

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Our Games

Can we create a universe?

That's what we are doing here in MeDungeon Ltd. We are not coders, we are game gardeners. We carefully plant new game ideas and grow worlds and universes. Please relax and take a look.

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Illusion of Beast

Working title. Release date: (When it's done)

Action RPG in Virtual Reality. More details coming soon...

Ostrich Island: Escape from paradise

Volcano erupts! All archipelago residents have been evacuated, but one ostrich had his head in the sand. Can you help him escape and rejoin his family?

The game is the unique adventure/exploration/RPG mix where you are playing as an Ostrich! Walk into tropical paradise, rush through storm madness, explore the deepness of the ocean and behold the darkness of underground. 

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Fluffy Friends Go Wild

Meet Fluffy, an ordinary cat...

...usually sleeping, dreaming about mice, cabbages and kings. But the time has come. Time to conquer the wild. Can you help Fluffy in the impossible journey across wilderness? Randomly generated environment gives you fresh challenges every time you start the game. Chickens will try to stop you and even frogs can be dangerous for an amateur house cat!

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Interested in learning more about our games or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Reach out today.


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