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Version 1.18 (February 1, 2014)

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  • Ostrich Island Demo (Windows 32 bit) .zip Size: 72 Mb
  • Ostrich Island Demo (Windows x64) .zip Size: 72 Mb
  • Ostrich Island Demo (Mac x86 + x64) .zip Size: 89 Mb
  • Ostrich Island Demo (Linux x86 + x64) Archive .tar.gz Size: 91 Mb
    Note for Linux users: curently only Ubuntu Linux, version 10.04 or later officially suported by Unity3d. May work on other Linux distributions.

If you need help with the game or have questions do not hesitate to send email to or just contact MeDungeon on Facebook, Twitter or IndieDB

What's new

Version 1.20
  • Crown is available for everyone now. Yes, your majesty.
  • Fixed several small bugs.

Version 1.19
  • In-game shop fix. And small fixes for Mac/Linux

Version 1.18
  • Added in-game Photo Camera, Eggs Converter, Water Control Device and other useful stuff.
  • Added Facebook integration. See how your friends doing on Ostrich Island!
  • Added the Crown! At the moment available only for players who bought the game before v1.18.
  • Added several new FX.
  • Multiple bugfixes.

Version 1.17
  • Fixed problem with Grand Finale some users may experienced.
  • Other small bugfixes and improvements.
  • Added possibility to change email address.

Version 1.16
  • New items to boost your score!
  • New hat: Jack the Lantern (Limited time only! Pick it up before November 10 or it will be gone!)
  • New Island - "Labyrinth"
  • New clear interface, realtime shadows, improved picture quality!
  • Bugfixes and much, much more!

Version 1.15
  • Multiplayer mode is extended to all islands from 1 to 10;
  • From time to time you will see a butterfly on the map, play that island and receive a nice boost to your score!
  • Oxygen reserve is no longer reduced (and even replenished) when your head above the water surface (Island 10);
  • Camera behavior and shadows on underground levels were greatly improved;
  • Tree fall is more predictable now and visibly depends on a direction of hit;
  • Link to Online FAQ added to the main menu;
  • Added tool-tips to earned medals on the map;
  • Double-Triple-etc. jump animation corrected;
  • Gift key can be redeemed directly in game now;
  • Several other small fixes and improvements.
Version 1.14
  • Added multiplayer!
  • Many issues resolved and bugs exterminated.
Version 1.11
  • Added Ostrich customization. Kick Wardrobe in the nest to change your Ostrich look.
  • Added custom skins support. Tired of existing skins? Add you own!
  • Added more interactive stuff on islands.
  • Hats can be combined with sunglasses now!
  • Trees hit zone has been increased.
  • Fixed bug, when Ostrich died after an additional life purchase.
  • Fixed several other small bugs.
Version 1.10
  • Added the final island - "Cloud #11". The song "All You Got To Do" for the final scene is composed, performed and recorded by remarkable German composer Sven Gerlach!
  • Added two new visual FX.
  • Enemies are kickable now! You can even try to destroy them (Turning On "Super Hit" ability will help a lot).
  • Added steps sound to skeletons.
  • Island 8. Removed one enemy on relaxing difficulty.
  • Fixed several bugs.

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